Saturday, 27 May 2017

School Reunion

Natalie dresses nattily
While Hattie chatters cattily
About her next door neighbours and their kids
And Reuben reminisces
Of the kisses with his missus
In the days before his marriage hit the skids
Walter waxes lyrical
Although he’s rather cynical
And tends to make his speeches overlong
Then Brenda blethers with ennui
On how the way things used to be
But makes sure she is heard above the throng

All the Queen Bees and Wannabes
The A-stars and the Average Cs
Sip lukewarm Cava standing ‘round the gym
Over canap├ęs and nibbles
They remember all their quibbles
But never all the words to the school hymn
And while everyone is gabbing
There’s plenty of back-stabbing
As they relish in bad romance and failed schemes
At the end each feels superior
With their motives most ulterior
Same time next year? Of course, darling. In your dreams!

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